Welcome to I Like Dirt!

Dirt Management is easy with a shovel or, better yet, a back hoe (possibly a bulldozer or grader or...). 

Here's some videos you can watch to learn how to:

  • Grab a shovel.
  • Roll around in the dirt.
  • Add some dirt to a different pile.
  • Get most of the dirt out of your mouth.

We've taken the liberty to tell you all kinds of things about dirt that are both meaningful and useless. We take pride in doing this and will not stop until you are fully covered in dirt.

HO_073111-33.jpgHere I am searching for dirt. Sometimes it is very difficult to find and one can spend hours, even days before seeing some. I think it is getting very wary about humans and for good reason. We seem to believe that we own it and can do whatever we want with it, like grow stuff in it. What gives us the right to do this kind of stuff to dirt? Why don't we just enjoy it in it's natural state? I will have a petition up later where you too can voice your opinion and let the rest of the world know where you stand on dirt. I hope that you will particapate in a little mud slinging so that dirt can achieve a position of not being downtrodden.